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Day 1

12:00-1:15pm - Autism & Q & A

1:30 -2:45pm SDT PBS- Positive Behavioral Support

3:00 - 5:00pm 2-45 minute classes (hands on experience)


Spectrum Dance Therapy® 

Brief Description: Spectrum Dance Therapy is a combination of Autism Movement Therapy®, Music Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis in a new integrative form of therapy. SDT uses music & dance to assist with sensory integration, and behavior challenges; to provide a setting where they can interact socially.


Day 2

10am -10:45am - SDT Class strategies for level 1 & level 2 students

10:45- 12:00pm - Functions of Behavior 

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch (Provided) 

1:00- 2:00pm - Recap & Application Exam


Brief Description:  The goal  is to educate children with Autism on how to learn, follow directions, and socialize during a dance class setting. By redirecting socially unacceptable behavior and teaching replacement skills so that the students can be incorporated into the arts community without assistance.  

$650 Donation


We encourage those who are interested in being certified to give $650 as a donation to the Arts For Autism Foundation who provides free SDT classes OR get $650 by hosting a fundraiser to help pay their minimum donation requirement.

In-Person SDT Certification Workshop

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