Spectrum Dance Therapy (SDT) comes from Autism Movement Therapy® (AMT) which was developed by Joanne Lara, M.A. SDT is a form of therapy that combines a structured program of AMT, Music Therapy, Social Relational Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis. The combination of these form of therapy into one unique fun activity for children on the autism spectrum helps them excerise their brain for a “whole-brain” cognitive re-mapping approach. This approach improves speech, coordination, attention, memory, behavior, and sensory disorders. SDT is a natural strategy for individuals with Autism to teach them through multiple mediums how to have self expression through music and dance while developing a sense of self-determination and independence.
  • Music and dance calms us and helps us regulate our moods
  • Dance and music has an enormous effect on our thinking and how we process information.
  • We use all of our senses when we dance: our bodies, ears, and eyes.
  • We use our “whole-brain” when dancing to music.
  • AMT allows for increased inclusion opportunities.
  • Dance & Music add an element of beauty to our lives. 



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2010 - present

2010 - present

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What is Spectrum Dance Therapy?

What is SDT?​


Why Music & Movement?